A new collaboration between Mobility By Cycling Friendly and the Zaragoza company Zicler to promote parking for scooters and bicycles in cities.

Are you tired of seeing your bicycle unsafe or scooters without parking or lying on the streets? Here is a new solution for your city.

Sustainable mobility is an issue that is on the table in big cities, where councillors, technicians and people are looking for the best solution to park their bicycle and scooter safely.

Today we are announcing a new collaboration agreement between Mobility By Cycling Friendly and Zicler. An agreement that will allow Mobility by Cycling Friendly to distribute the smart station in different parts of the country.

The company Zicler, from Zaragoza, through its founder Francisco Lana, has been providing solutions in the capital of Aragon for years. It has already successfully installed several parking spaces for scooters and bicycles to the delight of the Zaragozans.

What is ZICLER?

With Zicler, you can reserve bike parking, charge your bike or scooter and securely store it. 4 functions in 1, working through an app to reserve your parking space in your city and go shopping or work safely without your bike being stolen.

It is a unique parking for bicycles and PMVs in Spain. The smart station itself is powered by solar energy.

How ZICLER works, the parking for scooters and bicycles

Nothing will stop you from parking your bike quickly and easily. We explain it in a simple way.

  1. Download the mobile app (App Store or Android) and register.
  2. Search for the parking number assigned to you by the app when you make your booking.
  3. Scan the QR code through the app and wait for the lock to be released.
  4. Park your scooter or bike and make sure the lock is closed.
  5. During the parking, you can recharge your scooter or e-bike.
  6. When you have finished your chores or workday, pick up your vehicle by scanning your QR code.

Still not sure?

Here is a video explaining ZICLER.


Don't hesitate, we are here to change your city. Where we are committed to sustainable mobility, green energy, improving health and sports.

But above all we want to promote cycling but with cities accompanying their citizens by improving infrastructure for bicycle and PMV users creating safe spaces.